Plant research and selection for the diffusion and promotion of new varieties.

Alinéa – Top’alliance

The Alinéa cooperative is a national organization specialized in the production of condiments (garlic, onion, shallot), fruit (melon, Ente plums) and dry beans.
Top Alliance, a subsidiary of this cooperative, sells to supermarkets, chain stores (80% of its activity), wholesalers and out-of-home catering businesses (10%), and is in charge of exports (10%).


Garlic and shallot nutritional specifications sheets available on the Aprifel (fresh fruit and vegetable French agency) website.


Association of producers of fruits, vegetables and horticulture.

Fleuron d’Anjou

Horticulture and vegetable production cooperative. Produce traditional shallot and shallot certified plants in the Maine et Loire area.
The “Confrérie des Amis de l’Échalote d’Anjou” get up the “Shallot feast” in Chemellier (49) the third Sunday in July.

Garlic in herbal medicine

The Phytomania website provides comprehensive information and advice on the ways of using garlic for health purposes.


The Variety and Seed Study and Control Group. The GEVES is the French public body in charge of carrying out mandatory trials for:
• the approval of new plant varieties
• the legal protection of plant breeders’ rights 
• the inspection and certification of seeds prior to sale

GIE de l’Ail Drômois

The “Ail Drômois” Economic Interest Grouping brings together specialized farmers, representing the entire sector, from the certified plant to the production of garlic and shallots.


French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Jardins du Midi

“Jardins du Midi” was created in 1936 in Beaumont-de-Lomagne in the Tarn et Garonne, the capital of French garlic. In the beginning the Jardins du Midi only sold garlic, but the company gradually widened its offer to include a wide-range of traditional products (garlic, onion, shallot, dried beans and pulses, herbs and spices).

L’ail fumé d’Arleux

The town of Arleux, near Douai in the North of France, has built its reputation on a gastronomic specialty: Peat-smoked garlic…

L’ail rose de Lautrec

The Association for the Promotion of Label Rouge pink Lautrec garlic. In 1966, pink Lautrec garlic was the first and only variety in its category to be granted the Label Rouge.

The garlic sector in La Réunion

Thanks to the work carried out by the CIRAD, the tradition of garlic production has been re-established on the island and every year a festival is held to celebrate this.


Farming cooperatives union from Britany who produce shallot certified plants and a wide range of vegetables.


The French Interprofessional Organisation for Seeds and Plants website. SEMAE facilitates discussions, exchanges, and decision-making by all stakeholders of the seed sector.

The certification of seeds and seedlings public service is carried out by SOC, the official service for control and certification of seeds and plants. SOC also verifies compliance with phytosanitary regulations. SOC is a specific technical department in charge of the public mission entrusted to SEMAE by French regulation. The department is run by a senior state official appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture, who also represents France at the OECD and UNECE on matters involving seeds certification.


An online magazine dedicated to seeds and vegetable grains and the role they play in our everyday life.

Top Semence

A breeder and producer of certified garlic plants in the Drôme.