PROSEMAIL is a non-profit association bringing together French producers of certified garlic and shallot plants. Created in the 70s, the mission of PROSEMAIL consists in coordinating the production of certified garlic plants, and organizing work in cooperation with INRAE (French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment), in charge of breeding new virus-free varieties.

In 1980, the objectives of the association were reoriented and focused on two different strategies.

A technical strategy

The association helps INRAE and member breeding companies test new varieties, improve technologies for the production of garlic and shallot plants, study new viruses, etc… with the aim of improving production and developing higher quality plants.

Photo présentation autour d'essai d'ail
© SEMAE / Paul Dutronc
Photo d'une vendeuse et d'une cliente en jardinerie
© SEMAE / Paul Dutronc
Photo d'échalote en jardinerie avec les brochure de Prosemail
© SEMAE / Benoît Laffineur

A marketing strategy

The association is in charge of promoting and marketing garlic and shallot varieties created by INRAE and member breeding companies to farmers and amateur gardeners.

This marketing strategy involves:

  • trial plots used to compare certified and non-certified plants;
  • sending out samples, mainly to presidents of associations dealing with allotment gardens and horticultural journalists;
  • publishing technical brochures and leaflets for farmers and garden supply stores;
  • press releases;
  • videos, CD-ROMs, promotional posters, etc…

Over the years this marketing strategy has boosted the sales of certified plants, up from 6,000 quintals in 1980 to over 33,500 quintals in 2006 for garlic, and up from 260 quintals in 1980 to over 22,500 quintals in 2006 for shallot.

These different actions are funded by members who pay a contribution to PROSEMAIL, the global sum of which is managed by SEMAE (French Interprofessional Organisation for Seeds and Plants), and is mainly invested in marketing. The president of the association is Mr Reboul and the vice-Presidents are Mr Faggion (garlic production) and Mr Gautier (shallot production).

French garlic and shallot production is doing very well. Garlic breeders were the first to introduce virus-free regenerated varieties, using meristem culture. The Official French Catalogue currently features 36 garlic varieties and 14 shallot varieties.

France is the only country which has implemented Official Certification for garlic and shallot plants. This approach (new virus-free varieties and top quality certified plants) has increased crop yield in a spectacular way.


The table below lists the name, function and address of the members of the PROSEMAIL team :


REBOUL Raphaël
Les Grands Prés 26400 GRANE
Tél. : 04 75 62 71 57
Portable : 06 08 69 14 33
Fax : 04 75 62 70 30

Vice-president for garlic

Route de Castres 81440 LAUTREC
Tél. : 05 63 26 28 02

Vice-president for shallot

Le Rateau 49250 ST MATHURIN
Tél. : 05 63 26 28 02
Portable : 06 20 45 17 64


Kernonen 29250 PLOUGOULM
Tél. : 06 71 68 73 37


Quartier Le Maret 26120 CHÂTEAUDOUBLE


VIDAL Jean Pierre
Ceyssat 63800 ST GEORGES S/ ALLIER
Tél. : 04 73 69 56 69


459, rue des Cauderons 62400 LOCON
Tél. : 03 21 65 40 16
Portable : 06 80 13 96 17

Association des établissements producteurs de plants certifiés d’ail et d’échalote
22 avenue des Frères Lumière 69008 LYON
Tél : – Fax :